Contract Free Tracking

(Works with Google Maps)

As the original Instructions are over complicated I have below laid out the essentials in a more user friendly format. I hope this helps..


Self Tracking Controls:


Note: Unless changed the default password is    123456


Operating Commands assuming ****** as your 6 digit password and that you are texting / calling your trackers number mobile No:


Note: _ is a space otherwise no spaces




To locate vehicle just the Call the No (the unit rings twice then hangs up)

Text is replied to mobile with location & status (no password required).



           lat:52.124240 lon:1.614780


           T:15/08/05 02:36


           Pwr: ON Door: OFF ACC: OFF



Simply touch the BLUE on message to open the Google location


Other Commands


Text                         stop******          to immobilize vehicle

Text                         resume******    to un-immobilize vehicle.

Text                         check******       to check status


To change your password:


Text                         password******_###### (# is new digit for password note the space)

To get everything back to beginning

Text                         begin****** (note password goes back to default 123456)


When unit is linked to a suitable Alarm.


If unit is panicked by Alarm it will continuously text “help me!” to authorised numbers to stop this text help me! back to the tracker.


To activate/de-activate loss of power alarm

Text                         extpower******_on or extpower******_off

To activate/de-activate low battery alarm

Text                         lowbattery******_on or lowbattery******_off